About us

No More Corpses is a small vegan clothing brand based in Estonia that was founded to spread the vegan philosophy through unique apparel, on a daily basis.

We believe that anybody can make a difference by making unnecessary cruelty to animals difficult to overlook. We can give animals a voice and urge people to choose compassion over convenience in this way.

Our store sells clothing with messages written in English to reach individuals all around the world, as well as in Estonian to make the words more understandable to our local community. We hope to encourage all vegans to start their journey to become a vegan activist, and everyone else to become vegan.


Our t-shirts are made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton and printed with veganwater-based, toxin-free and non-hazardous ink.


To reduce waste, we work with a print-on-demand company called Printful, which the final products. They  dispose of any leftover ink in accordance with their supplier's requirements, ensuring that the environment is not harmed.



Please email us at nocorpses@gmail.com if you have any further questions about our company, production method, or certificates.