Everyday vegan activism- what is it and why is it important?

Everyday vegan activism- what is it and why is it important?

So how do you know if someone is vegan?

-they’ll tell you about it!

Not the most original joke, but there is some truth to it. Because vegans will tell you that they are vegan, and will encourage you to become one too. Why? Because that is an act of everyday activism.


Cutting out animal products is the first step toward a better society, but you shouldn't stop there. Speaking up against needless suffering might have a bigger impact than you would think. While people you interact with may not become vegans overnight, you have planted the seeds of that thought in their mind. After all, many vegans today may never have envisaged themselves making such a transition.


 You may feel compelled to do anything you can to help animals after becoming vegan, but you may lack the expertise or confidence to engage in large-scale advocacy. So, how can you make vegan activism a part of your daily routine?


4 steps to start your activism journey:


  • Make it known that you are vegan- You never know how much of an impact you have on others; while it may not be clear to you, someone may look up to you and desire to be like you. People tend to replicate each other's actions, so you may be inspiring someone without even realizing it.

Hello I'm vegan sticker


  • Be transparent- For example, change “I CAN’T eat that” to “I WON’T eat that”. Don't sugarcoat your motives for being a vegan. Being open and honest about what veganism is, and why its important, sends a stronger message.

  • Speak up- The majority of people are unaware of how much pain and suffering is caused by the manufacturing of animal products, and they will not bother to look it up. You can make a difference by informing others and speaking out against injustice. Starting conversations online can be a good approach to improve communication skills to eventually conduct face-to-face conversations.

  • Be a ‘billboard’ for animal rights- Wear clothing that has vegan messages on it. That way people will find it difficult to ignore the facts, and it will remind them where their meal comes from. It also makes it simple to promote veganism to anybody with whom you come into touch, as well as to initiate discussions about the topic.

Incorporating activism into your daily life will help you gain confidence and broaden your understanding of veganism and how to communicate about it. 


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